About Me

“If the reason why you’re doing anything creative is to make a living, then you’re doing it wrong.”

– Casey Neistat, entrepreneur and film maker

ThanDesign – Marc Köhler – is a germany-based, 1999-born soon-to-be university student who enjoys being creative in his spare time. Specialised in designs for social media and print he strives to enhance the user experience for his customers. With over 5 years of experience he is more than willing to accept any kinds of challenges.
thandesign.net is one of the latest achievements in his semi-professional “career”.



I want to thank ThanDesigns for the beautiful logo and banner. He contacted me in under five minutes after sending the order and he was very polite. My suggestions and ideas were perfectly put in and after about 4 hours he delivered. All in all GREAT JOB
"BlueSilverLP"Youtube (translated)
A few days ago I hired ThanDesign to design a logo for me. He contacted me immediately and I got a preview in under two hours. I was certainly involved in the design process and suggestions were professionally considered to ensure a perfect product. One could tell, the process was well-thought as he regularly sent preview pictures. There was always space for wishes and suggestions!
Andreas "Rusirda" L.Youtube (translated)
Within a heartbeat he created several graphics for my website which I used without any changes. I am impressed by the quality but also how fast I got my designs and I will definitely hire him again!
Miguel BischoffAutor (translated)


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